4 Security System Mistakes To Avoid During An Installation

9 December 2022
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Whenever a business or an individual hires a contractor to perform a security system installation, they want the setup to run as well as possible. One of the big things to do from a security perspective is to avoid making easy-to-fix mistakes. Security system installers will encourage their customers to try to prevent these four problems.  Lack of Redundancies A security system has to be secure in and of itself. If a power outage or data transfer failure happens, you want the system to have enough redundancies that it can continue to do its job. Read More 

Common Myths About CCTV Security Systems

20 September 2022
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Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems have gained popularity because of the security benefits of this technology. Investing in CCTV systems will help you keep a close eye on your property and deter criminals from breaking in. Some myths that discourage property owners from installing CCTV systems are as follows. CCTV Systems Are for the Rich In the past, CCTV system technology was expensive and was mainly adopted by the rich in society. Read More 

4 Reasons You Should Install Web Access Control System For Your Business

1 June 2022
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As you run your business, security should be your top priority. One of the top security measures you can invest in is access control systems. An access control system is a big investment and the basis of any physical security application. Moreover, technology has brought about several access control solutions to improve security. So, you have to understand and weigh all the options to determine the ideal one for your business. Read More 

Reasons For Businesses To Install Commercial Security Systems

10 March 2022
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Starting a business can be challenging, and entrepreneurs often spend a lot of capital to ensure their enterprises are in operation. After acquiring the necessary equipment and assets, installing a commercial security system is integral to protecting the business from criminals. In addition to hiring a security firm to monitor the business premises, you need a complementary security system to enhance the security. Commercial spaces have unique security needs compared to residential properties, and having a reliable security system is imperative to the business. Read More