3 Sources To Get Replacement Keys Made For Your Vehicle

26 November 2019
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If you lost the keys for your vehicle, and you need to get some replacement keys, there are a few different places you can turn to for assistance with creating new car keys for your vehicle.

Source #1: Locksmith 

The first place you should turn if you need a replacement key made for your vehicle is a locksmith. Many mobile locksmiths will come out to where your vehicle is located, and they will work to create you a new key on the spot. Depending on the type of car key you need for your vehicle, they may have to make the key at their main shop.

A mobile locksmith is generally the fastest and most affordable option. Additionally, most locksmiths carry the equipment not just to make standard keys but also to make programmable key fobs. Reprogramming or creating a new key fob for a vehicle requires special equipment that many auto locksmiths invest in.

Source #2: Vehicle Breakdown Service

Second, many roadside assistance programs can help you replace your key if you lost it. They may send out a locksmith, or they may have a general vehicle technician that they can send out to your location in order to make a new key for you. Many vehicle breakdown services carry around the same type of equipment that locksmiths do for just these types of situations.

Source #3: Car Dealership

You can also go back to the dealership where you purchased your car or to a dealership that sells cars from the same manufacturer as your vehicle. Generally, when you go to a franchise, it may take a while for them to get a replacement key made. Don't expect next-hour or even same-day service getting your replacement key made. You will generally pay the most when you go to a franchised car dealership to get a replacement key made. Truthfully, many dealerships work with special locksmiths themselves in order to get your replacement key made.

If you have lost the key to your vehicle, you can turn to an auto locksmith, a vehicle breakdown service, or a car dealership to get a new key made for you. If you need a new electrical key fob, that is going to cost you more money and requires special equipment to make, so be sure to see if the service you want to use to replace your key has the capability to replace your key fob.