Tips For Fire Safety In Your New Restaurant

2 November 2016
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If you have decided to realize your life-long dream of opening up your own family restaurant, then it is important for you to take the risk of a fire very seriously. Since your restaurant contains hot oil and commercial appliances that can create an added risk for fires, you need to take some special actions to keep your inventory and business safe whether you are present in the building or not. To this end, follow these fire safety tips to keep your new restaurant safe:

Tip: Stock Your Restaurant with the Right Types of Fire Extinguisher

While you know that you need to stock your restaurant with fire extinguishers, you may not realize that there are different classes of fire extinguishers that are used for different types of fires. In your restaurant's kitchen space, you need to have "Class K" fire extinguishers that are designed specifically to extinguish grease and oil fires. In the other areas of your restaurant, you should stock "Class ABC" fire extinguishers that are designed to put out paper, wood, and other common fires. Using the improper fire extinguisher will not adequately put out a fire and can lead to it spreading.

Tip: Place All of Your Cooking Appliances Under Properly Vented Exhaust Hoods

When your staff is cooking with hot oils, it is vital that their stoves and other cooking appliances are located directly below properly vented exhaust hoods. The exhaust hoods function to remove excess heat from your restaurant that can lead to fires and false activation of your building's fire suppression system. Have your electrician wire the exhaust fans in such a way that they automatically come on when your staff turns on the lights in the kitchen. This will ensure that the exhaust fans are always used and helping to protect your restaurant.

Tip: Professionally Install a Fire Suppression System in Your Building

Finally, one of the best ways to prevent a catastrophic fire in your restaurant is to have a fire suppression system professionally installed in your building. The fire suppression system will protect your building from cooking fires that get out of hand as well as protect it from an electrical fire when your restaurant is closed. Each year the system needs to be tested to ensure that it will properly work when it is called into service. Additionally, train all of your employees to use the fire suppression system over a hand-held fire extinguisher. The system will immediately stop the flow of cooking gas into your appliances and help lessen the chances of a fire spreading.

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