3 Ways Burglars Attempt To Break Into Your Home

29 July 2016
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As a homeowner, safety is probably one of your top concerns, especially if you have a family. This is why it's important to know some of the tactics burglars use to get into your home. Many homeowners aren't aware of these tactics because they aren't burglars themselves. Burglars are constantly coming up with new ways to get into homes without homeowners having any suspicions about it. Here are three ways a burglar can attempt to break into your home:

Act as a Door-to-Door Salesperson: 

Many burglars will disguise themselves as a door-to-door salesperson. The reason for this is that it provides an opportunity for them to check your home for security alarms. If they don't notice any, then they will likely return once they find a way to break in through a broken door or window. Do not let any door-to-door salesperson inside of your home no matter what they say. This is how they check for broken windows or doors. They will commonly trick homeowners into believing that they are there to inspect the property or even to check on your security. Always hire your own professional to do things like this. 

Smash Windows: 

If a burglar is tempted enough, they will smash a window to get into your home, especially if they know that you are not home. The best way to keep this from happening is to place security stickers on all windows. This gives the impression that you have a security alarm set up in your home even if you don't. 

Stalk Your Home: 

Some burglars will attempt to stalk out your home specifically or the street on which you live. They will look for signs that you are going on vacation, so always be sure to put suitcases in your car discreetly. If you can, fill your car while it's parked in the garage and the garage door is shut. They will also check to see if you check for hidden keys outside your home or if you leave the house without locking the door. Always give the impression that someone is home by leaving on the patio light or even the entrance light, as well. 

When you know these three ways burglars can attempt to break into your home, you can see why having a security system in place is so important. A security company can also provide additional features, such as security window signs, neighborhood watch signs, and even a security system that can connect to your mobile device. This allows you to control lights in your home, which is helpful when you are away. You can keep lights off during the day and turn them on at night. All of these things provide the best way to deter thieves.