Keeping A New Home Safe From Fires

14 August 2015
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Purchasing or building a new home can be an overwhelming experience. So overwhelming in fact that often fire prevention is the last thing that new homeowners think about. However, making sure that there are safeguards in effect in order to prevent fires is important. When moving into a new home it is important to make sure that things like fire alarms and other safety features are working. It is also important to look for areas of the home that may be potential fire hazards.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms sound whenever smoke or excessive heat is detected within the home. Having a working fire alarm system is an essential part of being prepared in case of fire. Fire alarms can give family members enough time to get out of the home safely if a fire is present. Fire alarms or smoke detectors should be on every floor of the home and in sleeping areas. Moving in is a great time to check to see if fire alarms and smoke detectors are where they need to be and in working order. Often when homeowners purchase or build a new home they install a security alarm system. This is also a great time to install a fire alarm system since fire alarm instillation can be done at the same time as security alarm installation. Contact a company like Southern Maine Cabling for more details on installation.

The Kitchen

Nearly 50% of all residential fires are cooking related, with nearly 13% attributed to heating and 6% to electrical malfunction. Considering that nearly half of all residential fires are from cooking, the kitchen is one area of the home where fire safety is very important. Ranges and ovens are where many kitchen fires begin. When moving into a new home, it is important that homeowners inspect the kitchen carefully. Old ranges and ovens may need to be replaced. Also checking the electrical and gas hookups can help prevent future fires. 

Check The Fireplace

Another common culprit in house fires is the fireplace. Fireplaces that have not been properly maintained can cause home fires in an instant. After moving into a new home fireplaces and chimneys should be cleaned and inspected for damage and obstructions. New fireplaces should be built to code and also inspected once a year for obstructions and damage. Monthly maintenance of fireplaces is also important in order to prevent home fires.

Keeping a new home safe from fires is as simple as keeping an eye out for potential problem areas and having a working fire alarm system. Preparation goes a long way when it comes to preventing dangerous home fires.