Protecting The Home While A Security System Is Being Repaired

12 August 2015
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Security systems give homeowners a sense of comfort and safety. So when they break down, it only makes sense that people feel vulnerable without them. Many security set-ups today are not just about theft protection. These valuable units are also used as fire alarms and carbon dioxide detectors as well. In order to keep a home safe, and its residents comfortable, it is important to prepare for the inevitable: the occasional service call.

Have Back-up Protection

Simple alarms that detect when a window or door is opened are easy to install and operate off basic batteries. These along with the purchase of a battery operated combination smoke/carbon monoxide detector will provide a good level of temporary safety. They may not be enough to give complete security year round, but they are an acceptable substitute when the regular system is being repaired.

Invest in a Service Contract

Service contracts with alarm companies can help to stop problems before they happen. Many companies offer an annual inspection to identify potential issues. If a problem does occur, a service contract makes the repair a priority to the security company.

Remember General Safety Tips

It is easy to forget basic safety tips and rely on the security system to do everything. However, the best safety system is one that incorporates common sense techniques along with technology. Keep yards well lit, or at least install motion detectors to discourage anyone from entering the yard. Lock all doors and windows, including garage doors and the door connecting the home and the garage. Prevent easy hiding spots by not having shrubs growing too closely to the home. Double-check everything to make certain things like curling irons and coffee pots are turned off and never leave home with candles burning or clothes dryers or ovens in use.

Never Look Empty

Whether you are going to work or on vacation, be certain the house never looks empty. Have mail and newspapers held so they are not sitting around. Carpool to work while the security system is out so a vehicle can remain in the yard or garage. Invest in lighting timers so the house will not be dark all evening. Have someone trusted check on the home once or twice a day or hire a house sitter so the house really is occupied.

The chance of something happening at the exact moment a security system fails are slim, but that will not stop the average homeowner from worrying about the potential for disaster. Many of those worries can be alleviated by using these simple techniques. Since each does add an extra layer of protection, they are also a functional and sensible solution. 

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