Customized Security Alarm Sounds: Three Noises And Voices To Shake Up Any Intruder

3 August 2015
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Most security alarms are equipped with loud, piercing blasts and bleeps. They are meant to jolt you to attention and make you aware there is an intruder in your home. Sometimes these sounds effectively scare off intruders as well, but more seasoned intruders and thieves will ignore them and just grab or destroy whatever they can. If you want a personalized, customized security system, many of these systems allow you to preselect noises and voices that would scare anyone away. Although all of these may seem like pranks or gags, they are actually effective.

Large Dog Barking or Pack of Dogs Barking

When you hear a lot of dogs barking or hear the bark of a really large dog like a Great Dane, it is unnerving. Combine that sound with an already nervous intruder, and chances are he or she will run back the way he or she came. You may even be able to select both the loud sirens and the dog barking to sound together or staggered for a more natural occurrence (i.e., the siren goes off first, which would wake a dog and then the dog alarm sounds next).

Fake Intercom Voice

Instead of an alarm sounding, you could request that the alarm system initiate a fake intercom voice. Your own voice recorded for this type of customization is best, as it would be more believable than an actor's or a digital voice recording of a non-entity. Not much scares the pants off an intruder like the homeowner's voice asking something like, "Can I help you? I think you have entered the wrong house by mistake."

Police Voiceover/Emergency Radio Frequency

Within minutes of the intruder entering your home and thinking that he or she is home free, your custom security system can activate blue and red police lights and a fake police radio voiceover. The message the intruder hears is that the police have, in fact, been notified and have arrived. The intruder is instructed to leave the premises with his or her hands up. If you also have this custom system hardwired to call the local police at the time the fake voices kick in, then by the time the real police appear outside the timing should be flawless. When the real police also add their lights, sirens and announcements to those from your security alarms, the intruder will feel surrounded and probably give up.

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