How Stay-At-Home Parents Can Use A Burglar Alarm To Stay Safe During The Day

3 July 2018
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Do you and your family have a plan for what to do if a burglar enters your home during the day? While it's true that most burglaries happen when the home is unoccupied, a burglar willing to enter an occupied house is usually desperate. This can be a dangerous situation. Some criminals choose to target stay-at-home parents because a parent's first priority is protecting their children – many criminals assume there's less chance of a confrontation turning violent with a stay-at-home parent due to the danger posed to the children. Read More 

Just Bought Your First Home? 3 Tips For Choosing The Best Home Security System

6 January 2018
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Becoming the owner of your first home can come with a lot of uncertainty due to the number of new responsibilities thrust upon you if you've been renting or living with your parents your whole life. If you're just now getting familiar with all the things you need to set up after moving in, such as setting up all your utilities and getting homeowners insurance, you should also include home security in your plans. Read More